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We develop solutions to help people in their personal life, at home, in hospital or anywhere else.

Wearable Electronics

Wearable Electronics


Data Analysis & AI

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We offer complementary products and services, aimed at both healthcare professionals and individuals.. Come and discover our achievements and our know-how.

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Connected devices & IoT

We design and manufacture connected, wearable electronics for proximity and fall detection, and for people with dyslexia. Our goal is to support individual safety and better management of conditions like dyslexia. By putting theory into practice, we’ve been able to provide solutions to some big concerns.

Wander management for care homes

With a range of products dedicated to user safety and monitoring, Kareteq offers innovative solutions for dementia care facilities and hospitals to manage wandering residents and patients. With our tried-and-true hands-free technology, detection is accurate and consistent, so you be sure your residents are protected. We sell our products through resellers and integrators in Europe and USA.

Medical Apps & Data Analysis

Our devices are smart. With the help of AI and data analysis, they can learn to detect health and safety crises and provide alerts to care staff and loved ones.


Kareteq was founded to expand on a legacy of health and safety technology. Technology that improved upon both existing solutions and tackles current problems that didn’t have solutions. 

Using our expertise in micro-electronics, wearable design, embedded applications, associated cloud management apps, and robotic manufacturing, we look forward to developing more solutions to solve the world’s most pressing health and safety problems.

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