Our Health and Safety Products

Our products ensure the safety and surveillance of users, provide solutions to manage runaways for people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease but also, for example, facilitate hands-free accessibility to areas for people with disabilities.

The main objectives of these are:

  • Ease of accessibility or not to passage areas
  • Management of wandering
  • Guarantee better security


Who are our products for?

Our products are mainly intended to be
more to more close to nursing staff and patients.

Indeed they are intended as much

  • to people in difficulty
  • people with disabilities, illnesses (for example people with Alzheimer’s disease, nurses, health professionals…)
  • to medical infrastructures (EHPD, Hospitals …)

Indeed they are intended as much
good :

  • people in difficulty
  • people with disabilities, illnesses (for example people with Alzheimer’s disease, nurses, healthcare professionals, etc.)
  • medical infrastructures (EHPD, Hospitals, etc.)

In order to achieve these objectives we offer badges / cards without
hands-free contacts present in different formats:

  • The standard FOB badge fits easily into a pocket or bag
    hand, or can be attached to a lanyard.
  • The card holder badge has slots to accommodate and display
  • maps.
  • The bracelet and watch are used in conjunction with the controllers management of Kareteq readers.

See the technical sheet below

Operating principle

Zoom PCB


Superveez is a door control reader that combines a hands-free badge and card reader with full controller functions in a compact package for a single point of access. It takes care of badges nearby or remotely. The latter has an accurate and configurable hands-free badge / card detection range. It will therefore allow the badges to be read either filially (via the RS845) Or via the Mesh radio (wireless).

For more information download the Superveez datasheet below .


Autoreez which is a Hub Door Controller supporting multiple types of networks. It simultaneously connects Kareteq door controllers over wired networks (RS485) and Mesh Radio. An enrollment reader is integrated into it and will allow all the information stored in the badges to be transmitted.

For more information download the technical sheet Watch it below .


The BK server is a compact database system that can be mounted on a wall that will store all badge information

For more information download the BK SERVER technical sheet below

Our added value

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by the quality and precision of the detection of the movement of people.

Our runaway detection offers unparalleled features on the market such as detecting the presence of a person on one side or on the side. ‘other from a door or to differentiate the passage or the stop in front of an access.

This is made possible by our radio technology and the competence of our teams in this market for over 10 years