Fall detection application

An application that alerts your loved ones in case of a fall and allows you to stay longer at home.

the added value

Give freedom to your loved ones

Sometimes, in a family where one of the older members is beginning to struggle, family members may worry and wonder how to reconcile security with the desire to stay in the home they have always known.

For all those elderly people who are still dynamic and do not plan to leave their homes but who sometimes have accidents in their daily lives, Kareteq offers a solution that will reassure their loved ones, without being invasive.

How does it work ?

Operation of the application

By integrating a system that processes the most minute information, our solution guarantees flexibility and reliability of detection. It can therefore distinguish a real fall from any other movement. It can also detect any type of fall, such as soft falls, which are very difficult or impossible to detect with existing solutions.

Once the fall is detected, the application checks the person's state of consciousness by measuring his or her vital signs and by checking whether the person on the ground is getting up. An alert is then sent to the person's family and friends for rapid care, thus limiting irreversible damage.


High Accuracy

The Kareteq application is currently downloaded to the Samsung Galaxy watch and only triggers the monitoring and sending of information when a fall is detected. 

The fall detection algorithm developed and patented by Kareteq is extremely accurate. On average, there is only one false detection per day. This is better than any competitor on the market. It adapts to the wearer's morphology and pace of life.

With Kareteq, you can regain your peace of mind and continue to enjoy your life independently.

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