Smart devices & embedded electronics

Make objects smarter and collect data with embedded electronics.

Our added value

Expertise in on-board electronics

Kareteq has more than 10 years of experience as a creator of embedded electronics, both on the software and hardware levels.

Production method

French R&D and production

Through its production unit located in France, all smart devices produced by Kareteq are manufactured in France.

Smart glasses

Example of a collaboration with Atol

Kareteq has collaborated with Abbeye, a subsidiary of Atol, in a partnership to innovate in the field of optics on 2 projects :

Smart glasses framework for fall detection

Atol Zen is an eyewear that detects falls by means of a micro-electronic device embedded in one of its arms.
With these glasses, your loved ones are alerted in case of a fall.

Smart LCD glasses for dyslexia disorders.

The Lexilens eyewear allows, through smart LCD lenses, to compensate for reading difficulties for some people with dyslexia. Test them to see if these glasses can be of help to you.


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